Today, I almost bought a domain so that I could start a blog. My wife thinks that I need to build a following before spending money to make a website. I am not sure that is right. Is this the 21st century version of the chicken-egg question?

Kids have different things that they are afraid of that don’t make logical sense. My youngest is afraid of the face masks that my wife and older daughters use from time to time. I admit some of them look weird, but scary is pushing it. #microblogvember

At the risk of getting to metaphysical, but I had a dilemma coming up with something to write about today. It then occurred to me that to post writes itself. #microblogvember

There is an expression that says “No plan survives first contact with the enemy”. It speaks to being able to adjust to a situation as the unexpected happens. #microblogvember

You would think that a cell phone company could make the call quality clear when you have to call them for customer service. Microblogvember

When I was younger, I was curious about how the word “provision” became synomynous with “food”. My child mind thought that food was a better word choice. It is shorter. #microblogvember

Ideas often oome at times that may seem inconvenient. A piece of paper is rarely used, if not carried on a run or a drive. The ability to capture thought thoughts are limited. I use Drafts on my Apple Watch to record my thoughts on the road and deal with them later.

In terms of personal space and mental health, I have noticed that people often confuse a border with a boundary. A border marks the edge of space and a boundary is a wall, protecting that space. It doesn’t need to be physical, but it needs to be respected. #microblogvember

I have heard it said that it takes a lot of bad writing to learn how to write well. I feel like there is a lot of bad writing coming soon. My ideas list is just too long.

So many people I know say that their favorite season is Summer. I do enjoy the warm, the chance for sand between the toes. Even as such, my favorite season is Winter. The cool breeze. The quiet that comes with a new snowfall. I look forward to that most. #micro.blogvember

Back in college, I listened to a lot of Everclear. Not just because they are from the city where I went to school, but because it was playing everywhere. Seems like whenever I was studying, Sparkle and Fade was spinning in my CD player. #microbolgvember

We live in a world where more things are possible than ever before. Why does it seem like, at times, we cannot get anything done? #microblogvember

The thing about society that is often forgotten is that it is designed to be an environment of dependence. It as developed over time. We no longer have the ability to be totally self sustaining. Someone else makes your clothes and food and the nature of your work helps others.

For a runner, in the rain, they train. In the wind and cold, they train. In the heat, they train, but with less clothing on and a water bottle. #Microblogvember

I have discovered over time that my memory is not what it was when I was in school. I am more dependent on notes and calendars that I ever have been before. The mind is for creating ideas, not remembering them. #microblogvember

Here in the US, we are looking at another round of lockdown, or shelter in place orders. These time, the self quarantine period overlaps with the beginning of the holidays. Most people I know are not going to travel to see family far away. Another of life’s adjustments.

Wind storms at night are a bizarre sort of thing. All sorts of movement, in the dark, cause by something unseen. It is the stuff that spooky stories are made of. #microblogvember

I have been working with my kids on their math during the time of COVID and unemployment. They are homeschooled, so this is normal for them. It has been a challenge to get them to think about the math when instead they decide to guess. They wonder why they get the answer wrong.

How often are people judged for the clothes they wear, or the state of their hair. Judged by their size or the color of their skin. Perhaps it is because those who judge don’t take the time to look at the inside. #microblogvember

Recently, my one of my kids has taken to excuse her behavior by saying “I didn’t mean to.” I keep telling her that her intentions don’t mean anything compared to the words she may say or the things she does. #microblogvember

There is great value in listening to the elderly when they share their life stories. It is better to learn from the mistakes that they share than it is to repeat them yourself. #microblogvember

When a run is tough or is just not going the way intended, a mantra helps me to keep going. “I am one with the Force and the Force is with me.” It may be corny, but I find it effective. #microblogvember

The President-Elect and his transition team have big challenge ahead. They need to find the common ties that bind the country following a period of division. I suspect that there isn’t a lot of time to see if they will succeed. #microblogvember